Quantitative Easing is gone

China’s leading economic power in the world

NYIBF Executive Programs

Student Housing in New York

Why a Summer Program will bring you the perfect business network

1. Socialize with students from all over the world!     In the program, you will meet students from different countries, who are different ages, with all different backgrounds. All have their unique experiences and will have a lot to teach you, just as you have to teach...   Read More

Enjoy your Summer Program and discover the U.S

Summer programs courses are arranged as to free students’ Fridays and weekends.. So after four days of studying in Manhattan, you can leave the Big Apple for the time of a long weekend. Imagine yourself enjoying your economics class on Thursday afternoon and then heading to JFK for...   Read More

Insider Trading

La Chine, première puissance économique mondiale

Le délit d’initié

5 tips to easily find an apartment in New York

Spreading the news to everyone around you Nothing insane about saying that New York is attracting the entire world. You will probably be super surprised about how your friends’ friends can actually become your friends.   Use Facebook smartly Not only numerous, housing groups are really useful. Try...   Read More

Summer Programs 2015 in New York City


5 reasons to choose the NYIBF

Here is everything you need to know about our Summer Programs, in just one short article. Don’t forget to watch our video about our Summer Program – and all the videos on our Youtube channel. Essential Informations     Our Summer Programs take place in New York. Two sessions...   Read More

China’s leading economic power in the world

Napoleon historically phrased this two centuries ago, “When China awakes, the world will tremble.” Everyone waited, nobody believed: China is now the largest economy in the world! The United States became the second economy in the world after dethroning the UK in 1872. According to the International Monetary...   Read More

5 reasons why to choose NYIBF

You want to follow a Summer Program in New York. Boost your resume, your skills, your network, live an unforgettable experience… Here are 5 reasons why the NYIBF can bring you that, and much more. 1. 4 core courses to embrace business as a whole   4 courses,...   Read More

10 reasons why Manhattan can change you for the better

New York is a city you’ll pass through. “It’s a town you come to for a short time” as Ernest Hemingway once said. Each man reads his own meaning into New York, but who won’t be agreed with these ten aspects of the Big Apple? 1. “I don’t...   Read More

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