Summer Programs

The Summer Programs are three weeks of high level classes held in New York. Mornings are dedicated to high level classes. Visits of institutions such as the New York Institute for Business and Finance are organized on the afternoons. Meetings and conferences with professionals give students the opportunity to discover Wall Street professional world and to build their network. Fridays and evenings are free, to let students enjoy New York and the US.

Two sessions are available:

From July 6th to July 23rd 2015
From August 3rd to August 20th 2015

Tuition Fees:
$2375 + $75 processing fees


In an increasingly complex global business environment what are the challenges faced by the international managers?

In this course students learn the fundamental elements of modern management of complex organizations.  Leadership management, corporate culture, management in the context of multilingual and multicultural companies, elements of finance and principles of accounting as well as production constraints and sourcing, are among the topics covered in the course. In-class discussion will focus on business cases, innovation and e-commerce and resolution of complex business situations

The purpose of this course is to focus on understanding the theory of international finance and its application to the real world. In this course students learn the fundamentals of international finance applications from a business point of view. The foreign exchange markets and world capital markets are described and explained (banking, debt and equity), as well as the commodities markets, the futures and options markets and derivatives as tools of financial management of the global organization. Risk Management and Hedging Strategies, International Financing of Corporations in the Short-Term and in the Long-Term, Foreign Direct Investment, Managing Net Working Capital and International Trade Finance are studied as part of a complete description of the global financial system and its impact on the finances of the companies. At the end of the course the students will be able to grasp the complexity of the international system and will have the tools to engage in more specialized international finance courses.

How  must the global manager  handle the legal challenges of a Multinational Corporation? How is day to day management of legal issues addressed in the life of a business organization? What are the steps the modern manager should take to preserve the legal integrity of his or her business organization during troubled times? What is the cost of a lawsuit in the U.S.?

In this course students are placed into real life business situations where the legal aspects of doing business in the U.S. and internationally are explained in detail. International legal strategy, Lawsuits, Intellectual Property challenges and protections, Responsibility, Negligence and Damages, Antitrust Laws in the U.S., Competition Laws in the European Union Law, Chinese Business Law, International Courts, are among the various topics studied in this class. The aim is to give students an overview of the global legal systems and their interactions in the business world.

As the Chairman and President of a Multinational Corporation, how will you address the daily complexity of managing your company?

In this course students are placed in the CEO’s management seat where Business Strategy and Policy is the formulation of basic organizational missions, purposes, and objectives, development of policies and program strategies to achieve them and efficient execution of implementation processes that result in the achievement of organizational objectives.

This course is designed to give the students the opportunity to develop an essential managerial tool, improve their confidence in their ability to structure problems and make decisions.

The functional areas of accounting, marketing, finance, information systems, and economics are put together into a comprehensive strategic analysis of a firm. In-class cases-study and international comparisons of large organizations in their management behavior and strategies in times of global financial challenges and crisis are conducted as models for future company policies. At the end of the course, students will be able to conduct their own assessments of international corporations’ business strategies and policies.

Discover and network

Afternoons are dedicated to visits of major institutions in Wall Street and meetings with professionals (see “meetings” below). Students have the opportunity to discover the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve, top level law firms… They can get familiarized with the professional life in the financial capital of the world. Students also are able to meet with bankers, lawyers, etc, on their workplaces. This is a precious opportunity to build a network.
Students have the opportunity to meet Wall Street professionals who give conferences at the Institute. They discover professional life in New York, and more importantly, are given the chance to build a business network in the financial capital of the world.
The New York Institute for Business and Finance is located in the heart of New York. We believe discovering and enjoying the city should be part of your experience here. This is why evenings and Fridays or free. You will be able to enjoy what New York has to offer, during your SUmmer Program. Go to a Broadway Show, shop in Chelsea Market or on 5th Avenue, have a Chai Latte at your favorite coffee shop, take the subway to Brooklyn and Williamsburg… The city has a lot to offer, and your Summer Program will allow you to fully enjoy it.
Fridays and weekends are free. Not only will you have time to discover New York, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the US in general. Boston and Washington are easily reachable by bus, and at low cost. You can fly to Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, or the West Coast, and still be back by monday morning for your high level business classes.

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